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mama de la myco

.: mushWOMB consciousness :.
womb wellness | entheogen education

Image by Ulla Shinami

PUSSY POWER TALKS: live event in LA
the emmenagods

Abortifacient Plants & Womb Release Allies 


$60 or $150/3 (group rate) ::  February 18th, 2023 ::  11am - 2pm

Learn hands on skills with crafting emmenagogue (plants that help you bleed & relieve period pain) concoctions, experience womb healing sound bath and meditation, learn about holistic abortion practice and connect with other like minded plant folks.


Connection.  Beauty.  Plants.

learn how to make your
own microdose capsules

what's cookin up in the mushWOMB kitchen? 

your own medicine, of course!

get educated

Thank you so much for supporting independent educational platforms

elevating collective knowledge & mushWOMB consciousness.


Asé Aho
I'm Mama De La Myco


We serve with

education, mentorship, art, community organizing, holistic counseling and crafting with sacred medicines.

We are here

to inform, to help and to balance.

art by Estrella Apolonia

"Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls."

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