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Services & Store

medicine from the heart of nature

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microdose making kits
menstrual sea sponges
emmenagogue tea
plan(t) b tincture
& more

Yoni Steams + Bajos

An ancient tradition of warming herbs and sitting over them to purify, balance and harmonize the body.

Schedule a vibe check and begin our conversation around healing your womb

Art Services

.: Now Offering :.

intentional marketing materials

(gatherings, events + promotions)

graphic design

website development

social media templates

custom plant spirit collages


One-on-One Teaching

drop in and ongoing care

zoom or phone call

30 - 60 - 90 minutes

.:  special topics :.

psychedelic motherhood ; relationships

 sex work & intimacy ; decolonizing spirituality

earth medicines ; womb wisdom


Are you beginning an entheogen journey?

Want to learn about microdosing?

Interested in group or solo ceremonies? 


Let's explore options, resources and guidance, I'm here to listen to your story and give suggestions for sourcing your next steps.

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