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About Me

Mikaela de la Myco was born into a first-generation italian, afro-caribbean, and indigenous mexican family who lived in unceded Tongva territory, Los Angeles.

Her education comes from years walking the paths of sacred intimacy work, temple arts, circle keeping, mexica ceremony, and womb care facilitation, all under the care of teachers and guides.


Mikaela now practices in occupied Cahuilla and Kumeyaay territory -- San Diego. As a mushroom matriarch, she creates much needed education and spaces for unmet populations in the psychedelic renaissance.  

Her primary focus is holding community based circles where people can journey through the dark amenta to uncover their ancestor codes, explore and rewrite trauma wounds and make meaning with mushroom and other earth medicines.

Please explore free education to begin learning 

or book an educational intake.

Education and Certifications

University of California at Riverside '17

Bachelor of Arts in English, Concentration in

Ethnic Studies, Women’s Studies, and

Gender and Sexuality

Landmark Forum Graduate

California Trauma Intervention Certified

Yoni Steam Institute Certified - Practitioner Level

Sekhem Reiki Level 1

Teonanancatl Holder - 7 years

Therapeutic Touch Training - 3 Years

Tropical Flower
Image by Damir Omerović

Our Philosophy

All people are born free and worthy of joy by birthright. Anything that attempts to suggest the contrary is rooted in delusion and separation.


Our community stands for an abundant planet, with equitable and just systems as Ma'at teaches.  We meet quarterly to honor these ways.


Entheogenic Earth Medicines and their rightful and honest integration into our lives will assist in the ascension process. We offer in love for this vision.

I am here simply to witness you and be an accomplice in your growth.  The offerings available shift with each individual, because all beings have unique paths.

Thank you for being here.  Your life is sacred.

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