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welcome to our mushWOMB

thank you for choosing to sit in our sacred container,
we are honored to serve you

please read through for 
prep, ceremony and integration details

why journey with mushWOMBS?

for deeper inner exploration: this ancestral medicine can celebrate the range -- from dark to light.  so we will share this space together while you illuminate parts of your psyche that have been largely hidden

we journey in the afternoon,

into the evening
and after -- there is food, rest

and extended integration

an important element of your experience is to feel well nourished and well rested, so we ask that you do that leading up to ceremony and we will support that for you while you are here

we'll be centering YOU in relationship with your family, your environment, the elements, your inner child, your ancestors and the global community

Image by GreenForce Staffing
preparing your vessel

It is a crucial part of your safety and preparation of our ceremony.   During these days coming into the ceremony, there are ways you can prepare your body, mind and spirit in order to come in with the right harmonics with this medicine.
Augmenting your diet slightly in the days leading up with greatly increase your chance for a full and positive experience. 

Beneficial food choices to prepare your body for your journey would include:

-- dark leafy greens
-- bone broths
-- vitamin c rich fruits/ vegetables
-- mineral-rich foods 

If possible, avoiding Tyramine-rich foods and well as alcohol, street drugs, pharmaceuticals, excessive refined sugar, heavy cannabis or caffeine can assist you in having a safer and more fulfilling ceremony. 

preparing your life
  • tone and be intentional with your sexual energy, harness the energy within yourself and only share with worthy folks

  • replace violent/ triggering media and outside influences with introspection and creativity

  • stay in an intentional space of prayer and meditation as much a possible


    we encourage you to take the time to write these down and think on them, this will anchor your actions + commitments

    your preparation will reveal 
    how the journey and integration will be

    REVIEW THE SONGBOOK AND CARRY A SONG WITH YOU , this book will be available at the ceremony 

Image by Sixteen Miles Out

what to bring

Image by Lina Trochez


  • a non-monetary offering for the space, the home, the land or the space holder are welcome and encouraged.  this can be something found or handmade but must come from love and appreciation.

Image by Amin Hasani

for yourself

  • reusable water bottle

  • journal, pen/pencil

  • your favorite blanket or something that helps you feel secure

  • WARM, comfortable, loose and natural/ light colored clothes

  • drums, rattles, song journals, or other ceremonial instruments are most welcome

Image by Melissa Askew

for spirit

  • photos/ memorabilia of your ancestors and/or their names on a list for collective altar making

  • your intentions and prayers for your experience

we are honored to serve you

thank you for the opportunity to

: grow in this way :

below is a link to a playlist

that can be supportive in your prep

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