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the herbal &
trauma-informed advocacy certification

to protect beings
in altered states





the mushWOMB &
original instructions school



An 12-week certification training for practitioners, facilitators of healing and community members within the altered states of consciousness space.


Facilitate healing through altered states in trauma-informed ways, advocate for survivors, maintain integrity in your practice, establish a standard of ethics within your community. 


An advocacy certification for humans who facilitate and who experience healing within altered states of consciousness: from traditional shamanic spaces to clinical psychedelic settings and altered states of all kinds. 

for collective healing & growth

the skills you'll gain


traditional herbalism

Identify and explore herbal allies for practicing holistic care of your reproductive organs including but not limited to healthy cell production, tonification, STIs, scarred tissue remediation, maintaining boundaries, and energetic cleansing. 

Address of emotional layers of trauma, support the body an brain in forming healthy patterns

Become skilled in crafting hands-on herbal medicines to support self and others in the entheogen space and beyond.

Image by Annie Spratt

ethical sensuality

Practice trauma-informed

facilitation of yourself and others while in altered and/ or vulnerable states of consciousness. 

  Learn to provide effective advocacy and resources for survivors of sexual / reproductive trauma, past and present. 

Enhance your ability to discern and appropriately respond to unethical behavior from practitioners and peers by fortifying your internal compass.

Gain a roadmap of physical and energetic safe zones when operating in journeys as a practitioner and a journeyer.


community care

Equipping ourselves with an invaluable skill set surrounding advocacy for legal rights concerning our bodies, business success without liability, and accessing supportive resources for sensual harm. 

Learn frameworks for community organizing, supporting survivors and holding people accountable to harms committed in our community.

Understand how harm happens within all altered states of consciousness communities (within the tantra, meditation, Sundance, and other communities).

the topics

we will be studying

the following topics

with the cadence of


2 hr lecture

1.5 hr discussion group

practicum/ home assignment

for 12 weeks

fall '23 curriculum

WEEK 1 (11/26 - 12/2) :.
intros - orientation

WEEK 2 (12/3 - 12/9) :.
carrying medicine in a good way 

(ethics, morals, and scope of practice)

WEEK 3 (12/9 - 12/15) - 12/9 :.

cardinal directions of (herbal) medicine making

WEEK 4 (12/17 - 12/23) :.

exploring the plant nations

(herbal allies for healing sexual/reproductive trauma)

WEEK 5 (12/24) :.

singing your medicine

WEEK 6 - 7 (12/25 - 12/30) :.

sacred pause -- integration week

WEEK 8 (1/7- 1/13) :.
untying the knot

WEEK 9 (1/14 - 1/20) :.

traditional medicine making with the plant nations

WEEK 10 (1/21 - 1/27) :.

straight arrow

WEEK 11 (1/28 - 2/3) :.

weaving life's stories

WEEK 12 (2/4) :.


We open with intentions and prayers for the sacred learning container we will be in for the next twelve weeks. We get to know each other and lay out the digital framework of education. 

How do we practice respectful, effective, and trauma-informed holistic healing? How to spot red flags within altered states and holistic (and traditional) healing communities. The art of being an advocate and ally in today’s modern world, and within the spaces of psychedelics and altared states. Being a resource, advocate, and a trauma-informed practitioner.

Cardinal directions (foundations) of making and interacting with the Plant Nations through a traditional Indigenous lens. We will host a special guest instructor speaks on integrity when working with plant medicines and while in altered states.

Herbal allies to practice holistic care of your reproductive organs.  These include herbs to support in healthy cell production, tonification, STIs, scarred tissue remediation, maintaining boundaries, and energetic cleansing. Herbal wellness as traditional practice to address sexual & reproductive trauma.

A time to sing our medicine.  This teaches us the importance of finding ones' authentic voice, and using it clearly and effectively. We will learn about and remember practices for tapping into one's real medicine without culturally appropriating. Harnessing real medicine songs in order to liberate and heal sexual + reproductive traumas.

A time to rest, review and practice our skills.  There will be some lightweight extra credit assignments and practicums to allow us to deepen into our practice.

Traditional shamanic and herbal practices + recipes for energetic, emotional, spiritual, and physical protection.  These skills can be applied to yourself as you navigate altared states and can be taught to people you're supporting as they journey.

Hands on medicine making workshop.  All supplies will be shipped to you.  A follow-along practice in tinctures, salves, balms, pusangas, and spritzers for your healing practice.

The integration of advocacy and trauma-informed care into your practice (personally and for others). This includes some of the business and legal aspects aspects of being an advocate.

Weaving the stories of our own experiences. Reclaiming threads of us which may still be tangled in other's stories. Practice witnessing others and acknowledging our own experiences from a neutral and non-reactionary state.

We celebrate, congratulate and begin the certification process to the students who completed their course work.  It's a time of reflection and gratitude for how deeply we've grown. 

Image by Christina Deravedisian

Shea Donnelly

"Thank you so much for having the courage and grit to do the work you are doing."

lectures :: Sun. (11am - 1pm PST)

November : 26 (opening)

December : 3, 10, 17, 24 [break 12/25 - 1/6]

January : 7, 14, 21, 28

February : 4 (commencement)



discussion groups :: wed. (5pm - 6:30pm PST)


November : 29

December : 6, 13, 20 [break 12/24 - 1/5]

January : 10, 17, 24, 31

about your instructors

with years of ongoing care in both the entheogen and womb care field, these women fiercely protect through education and advocacy

the herbal & trauma-informed advocacy certification
to protect beings in altered states interest form

please fill out the interest form for future rounds

we look forward to sharing these moments with you --

our curriculum is extensive and can support you in helping create a safe and supported world for yourself and others 

thank you for taking the time to share your interest with us

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