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learn how to facilitate a grounded, beautiful and accessible
non-appropriative rite of passage to celebrate mothers
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so, it's a
baby shower?

the motherhood blessing is a rite of passage to celebrate mothers and their babies, not just the baby.  

it is a special time to honor the meaningful transition from maiden to mother.


in many cases, we do this rite for mothers of multiple children as well if they have not received a motherhood blessing.

this is not a navajo blessingway, motherhood blessings are grounded, accessible and non-appropriative.

This is a community offering, it is not for charge.  You may receive gifts and donation, but please give from a place of abundance to the mothers in your life.

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in the video we cover

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id like to learn this teaching for $25
(video and written template)

your contribution goes to mothers of the mushroom research & supporting survivors of sensual assault

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