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Mushrooms and Parenting: A Talk With Psilocybin Friendly Families

Updated: Jan 30

While we do not condone or promote illegal activity, we see the need for accurate education and safety support in preparation for the potential legal changes ahead. Mystic Jasper uses a sovereignty and community care approach to promote wellbeing. Mystic Jasper does not provide illegal substances. All content and information on this website is for informational and educational purposes only, does not constitute medical advice.

Have you ever wondered if the benefits of magic mushrooms end at a pregnant belly? They don't, actually quite the contrary!

What about postpartum psilocybin use? Is it safe for breastfeeding people?

What's the Historical + Indigenous Use of Healing Plants and Fungi in Child Rearing?

According to one of our speakers who lives in a traditional Hawaiian medicine way, there is a long history of plant medicines used in Hawaiian culture for labor and delivery. The intersection of birthing and plant medicine consumption is NOT a new-age convention. It's as old as time.

One way many cultures of north and south america (amaracapana) invite children into medicine work is through grandmother (abuela) dosing. These doses are handed down by elders to mothers and their children, sometimes as young as 3 years old.

The belief is that as your body becomes more familiar with the medicines, the cellular memory of your body will allow you to begin entering their realms without needing to ingest the medicine.

However, if you are looking to integrate, please consult with an elder in your community. If there is not one available, seek advice from other psychedelic families.

What research has been done on this topic?

There is little/no research on this topic: WE ARE THE RESEARCH. This discussion and many others like it are the body of research from which we pull information and resources. Thank you for your interest in this subject. If you are interested in more in-depth analysis of your entheogen integrations, please schedule an intake call.

James Fadiman has conducted the largest participant-lead study on microdosing psilocybin mushrooms and have come to find increased benefits for menstruating people.

Healing and happy menstruation means healthy wombs for birthing, so coming into alignment with a healthy and happy menstrual cycle is the beginning states of being a full-bodied psychedelic mother.

How has taking psilocybin enhanced the parenting experience for some?

These are just a few outcomes and reflections from the 20 parents we interviewed:

  • A mother maintained a strong telepathic communication with her child while she was in the NICU for 2 months

  • Orgasmic birth experience while giving birth to daughter (she had broken ribs)

  • Microdosing has helped strongly with the changes of pandemic

  • When microdosing was applied during postpartum depression, the bond between mother and child strengthened while depression fell away shortly after

  • Connected a mother with her children on much a deeper level, even inspiring her to create a school to never forget these origins and teach children about medicines

Psilocybin has taught me how to view the child I care for as a full sovereign being and dance with her as she leads. I choose to support her in ways I wasn’t supported as a child. When I show up for her, I have become able to mother and remother my own inner child.

  • A sister shared that unfolding into her healing and evolution process is 100% indebted to psilocybin. It had changed her life in ways she wasn't even ready to imagine. She now is able connect to her children in a way that many mothers in her generational line weren’t able to.

  • Taking psilocybin eased a lot of the depression and anxiety faced as a mother, and allowed a deeper closeness to their child. It has been a helpful part in spiritual awakening, connecting with ancestors in an intimate way with her first son and new pregnancy and experiences increased joy for all facets in life.

  • Increased confidence in decision making.

  • Has allowed one of the participants to surrender to themselves, their own mind and abilities and needs of children.

  • Microdosing allowed our participant to be fully present in the heart-space, helping them realize that their baby deserved a good birth.

  • After practicing full transparency with 10 year old daughter, sharing openly about microdosing, their relationship is close and accepting.

  • One parent realized that their autistic child has evolved spiritual and psychic abilities.

  • After spending time in a sensory deprivation tank with mushrooms, one parent reexperienced their birth.

How psilocybin therapies and personal use differs from medicating with pharmaceutical drugs?

These medicines are anti-capitalistic because they do not need to be taken regularly for changes to take place. As mentioned before, the DNA begins to change in the presence of these medicines and the body and mind can undergo permanent and semi-permanent changes without a person having to ingest them again.


What's a reasonable psilocybin dose for pregnant mothers?

0.5g is the MILDEST dose for those new to psilocybin

2.5-3.5g is a good place to start if you are an experienced psychonaut

Larger doses in late pregnancy can be more enjoyable for the body due to increased blood volume in the body. A later-term child will have a more robust constitution and metabolize with greater ease.

Note: When you are pregnant you vibrate at a higher level as you are carrying an innocent pure energy being, which increases your sensitivity to the medicines, so feel free to start small.

Maybe your child doesn’t want you to dose until the 4th trimester (postpartum) - tune into your child, your own body and the medicine before considering your dose.

What about other plant medicines during pregnancy? Like Cannabis?

The abuela dose as mentioned before is generally a very small or, in the ayahuasca traditions, an inert substance containing only a portion of the brew that is not psychoactive. Some medicine circles will dose pregnant women and some will not, this varies from facilitator to facilitator. Consulting with tribal elders, medicine women, abuelas is a good place to begin before considering dosing while pregnant.

One father's expressed his use of cannabis while becoming a father allowed him to channel increasing amounts of love and light into the world - dropping negative self-talk and focusing that love into baby.

Many people have blockades up when feeling love. Nothing else has been able to allow mothers and fathers (especially veterans) to connect with their children like these medicines.

Cannabis and psilocybin has been helpful for integrating our blended family, it has allowed all of the parents to come together in unconditional love for their children.

Another mother mentioned that cannabis has allowed her to be the mother I needed to be for her child, increasing imaginative play, patience and laughter.

Why talking about our psychedelic use is a vital healing for parents.

We have each others’ back in the space: what a gift for parents to have this space to learn from and connect with each other in authenticity.

It is important to be gentle with yourself on this journey, try not to compare your journey to others. Be like a child on a journey back to yourself. And remember that we are creating a world for those who come after us, so in a way, we borrow the earth from them.

When we show up as better humans by healing our traumas and getting in front of our harming behaviors, we can show up as more wonderful parents.

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