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Why We Should Not Fear Psilocybin

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

We are reclaiming our relationship with the little children.

I call the spirit within the hongos, los ninos de agua, teonanancatl madre or mama because she know how to comfort and hold all of us.

She knows what we need to see and she shows us. Like any mother, how we approach her affects how she gives her lessons - we pray for gentle lessons and a gentle journey - to ensure we do not come into a fearful place.

This way of approaching her is available to everyone if they learn and develop their own relationship with the spirit and the chemistry within this fungus. Anyone who comes to them with gratitude, can be filled with the deep light that emanates from them.

Like all entheogens, hongos have a spiritual component and a 3rd dimensional makeup.

Western medicine is just now catching up to their potency, and it is time to begin the education and the integration of this medicine into our lives.

Their integration begins with first destigmatizing their physical presence, then we can adjust our own vibration to theirs.

Because these mushrooms are medicines unto themselves, without even eating them, one can feel their love.

This is the power of their pure emanation. Feeling their medicine has nothing to do with ingestion. Being in their field begins your shift, their medicine is already in the air and with you when you’re with them.

These are the body of god. These are sentient, full of life, being, matter with a spirit just as we have, just as the animals and all other plants.

To be with them is a sacrament and a spiritual medicine. The difference between this medicine and what we call “medicine” in the west is, with their proper use, you may never have to journey again.

You may be truly healed. That’s the difference.

In the past, the responsibility to heal was often left with curanderas, shamans and medicine people, now psychology is beginning to realize that we can step back and let one’s own healing take place.

We are bearing witness to a healing intelligence within us that knows how to work with and what to do with the exact chemistry in these mushrooms.

We call upon the mother of deep light because this medicine’s source of healing comes from the deep inner self. In this place, you find the truth and the clarity that you need to take with you in your new life.

It is in that dark womb that you can be reborn.

It is in the night, in the shadow, by the candle that you find your answers. The answers to some of life’s hardest questions. The answers to see you through to your next level of evolution. The answers that will assist you in facing your darkness and growing into the light.

The hongos alchemically have the ability to recrystalize your neural structure, mend the sheath which cover your neurotransmitters, fortifying them. This will give you the ability to see your life and yourself through different eyes and with a different heart, with a powerful mind - a mind that is not afraid and is free of fear.

We can be with this safely and that’s why I’m here, sharing this information, this medicine is safe. The medicine is deeply benevolent.

As a disclaimer: these mushrooms are not for everyone. Not everyone must take them. There may be other ways which agree with your psyche and your body and your mind and your spirit.

However, if it is right for you, it is the responsibility of every human to support your access to these life giving medicines - Ashe. Aho. Aloha. Amen.

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