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Wisdom of Menstrual Blood

this article is a collaboration of voices coming from the mushWOMB temple

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Earth is my body, air is my breath, fire is my will and water is my blood

What is blood's relationship with water?

We can always be thinking of blood as synonymous with water. The waters of the world reflect the way we treat and connect to our own water element also known as blood.

Throughout human mythology, water beings like the siren and the mermaid serve as reflectors showing how humans who come in contact with them are connected with the deeply soulful water element.

What of the nature of blood and DNA?

This blood is divinity, a sign of immortality, the divine processes of our Earthly vessel. A wise woman once said, "Give me a drop of your blood and I can tell you the history of millennia".

It is the plasma that connects us all, within us it all looks the same and carries the codes from thousands of years. Blood is the soul’s diary and it tells your story. It is the missing link that holds together the web of life.

Historics of War and the Moon Time

In order for warring tribes to invade and conquer, first, the womb (or birthing place) had to be invaded and conquered. The sisters, mothers, daughters and granddaughters had to be usurped in order to control because this damaged the whole of the nation.

When conquering took place, the space where women bled was the first attacked, this disrupted the entire flow of the society.

How Can Men Reclaim the Connection with the Moon Time?

Our sons can be reared up in a way that they feel honored to stand by their sisters, not only in partnerships but in kinship. We are always co-creating and when women can feel safe and supported by all men: male friends, brothers, flat mates, fathers, cousins and kin we are moving into a more perfect Earth.

When men tune in with our patterning, they can heal their own relationship with the moon time, because healing happens in all directions.

Moon Blood Rituals for the Blood Positive Person

After offering to the earth, rivers, the body we connect to natural self: savage, raw and carnal

  1. Invite orgasmic vibrations when bleeding

  2. Cultivate plants with moon blood, by diluting with water or offering directly

  3. Add the blood into your bath

  4. Use a special cloth to protect furniture for free bleeding

  5. Adorn your face with your blood

  6. Normalize other people's blood with care packages and community care practices

  7. Speak on behalf of the moon time so our partners can come correct and respectful

  8. Understand that internalized misogyny can cause painful periods

  9. Talk to, offer and honor blood as sacred

  10. Place on our third eye before bed to have vivid dreams

  11. Take plant medicine for heightened sensitivity

  12. Listen to what spirit calls for in the moment

Blood Affirmations

My blood is the connection of the timeless cycles of death, rebirth and creativity.

Warrior I am and through the battle I rise triumphant.

I honor myself, I honor my womb, I honor and forgive myself for the things that I do not know and the things that I will learn.

My wombspace is healing and restoring my being.

Blood is the diary of our soul. The power of blood has no expiration.

Grateful for all the wombs, grandmothers grandmothers grandmothers that have carried the creation.

Book Recommendations

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Women Who Run with Wolves

If you are open and ready to learn the ways of sacred womb reverence and blood honoring, stay connected through Instagram, TikTok and Clubhouse! Loving you.

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